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Welcome to the Official Uncompromising Mode Wiki

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This wiki uses Don't Starve Wiki's Manual of Style and Rules as reference.
Uncompromising Mode was created with the goal of revitalizing the difficulty of Don't Starve Together for long-term veterans of the game.
If you want to discover mechanics by yourself, do not venture forth.

  • Under The Weather Part 1Under The Weather Part 1Tornadoes, Storms, and Volt Goats! Don't get too close or you'll get shocked!Read more >
  • Face Your Fears UpdateFace Your Fears UpdateFeaturing 'Wixie, The Delinquent', and a full rework for Walter!Read more >
  • Welcome Home.Welcome Home.A Puzzle to be solved. Treasure to be claimed. Darkness to behold.
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We have added a massive amount of changes and additions to Vanilla DST. You can look at our changelog or our changelist.


  • Rebalances and tweaks to nearly everything in the game!!
  • Character Rebalances and Reworks. Some downsides are more pronounced, and new and old powers have been discovered by the characters.
  • More Nightmare Creatures, Insanity is an actual threat now; Stay past the brink and you may never return.
  • A new overworld biome called the Hooded Forest, which houses a lot of new content including a new Boss.
  • Boss Reworks: Deerclops has multiple variations, Dragonfly acts like her singleplayer counterpart in Summer, and more.
  • Food and Crock Pot tweaks. The Crock Pot is generally more strict when it comes to using filler. Monster Meat now needs to be diluted with regular Meat.
  • Health and Sanity Restoration from Food items now happens overtime instead of instantly.
  • A bunch of new items and mobs, ranging from dangerous to helpful.
  • Night Terrors. Something may be lurking in the dark.
  • A custom soundtrack, containing music composed by Adam Ogrodnik.

And many more, be sure to check the full megalist here.


There are quite a handful of configuration options, be sure to check them out in the mod's menu if you wish to tailor the experience to your liking.

Found issues or bugs?

If you do, report them on the steam page, or in the Discord.

How to get logs:


If you are hosting a caves, or dedicated server, you may need to also go to:

*storage*:\Users\*username*\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_*SERVERSAVESLOTNUMBER*\master(or caves)\server_log.txt

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